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Get to Know Harald

Since discovering Salida 20 years ago, I have been captivated by the friendly, small-town atmosphere. As a downtown business owner, a father, a volunteer with Salida Mountain Trails and a city planning commissioner, I’ve been fortunate to see our community from many different perspectives.

If elected to city council, I will...

➤ Draw from my diverse experience to advocate for all Salidans.
➤ Work to find common ground and to bring people together.
➤ Focus on our common goals and work to strengthen our community.
➤ Foster a forward-looking view that includes the well-being of all of our citizens.
➤ Strive to maintain the qualities that make Salida a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

To accomplish these goals, I will:

✔ Foster improved communication between city council, the community and city staff.
✔ Work to develop solutions to the housing shortage.
✔ Honor, maintain and protect Salida’s friendly, small town character.
✔ Develop a shared vision for Salida’s growth.
✔ Support hiring a city attorney with municipal law experience and the mediation skills to find common ground.

— Improving communication will require city council members to acknowledge and respect the opinions of all members of the community. The ideas of all citizens should be heard and receive consideration. City council members must also allow real dialogue and have the opportunity to bring up issues that concern their constituents.

— Solving housing issues will require cooperative efforts between the city, the county and private enterprise to provide safe, desirable housing for citizens of all income levels. A multi-jurisdictional housing authority and a county- wide housing plan will help facilitate housing solutions. Those solutions will need to include deed restrictions based on income levels to support the community workforce.

— Maintaining Salida’s small town character will include development that encourages walking, bicycling and connectivity between neighborhoods and businesses. Access to parks, open space and trails will also help maintain small town character through friendly interaction and healthy lifestyle opportunities.

— Developing a shared vision for growth entails a sensible approach to annexation and beneficial growth. This will require city council and community members to plan where development should happen while balancing the needs of diverse segments of the community.

The city attorney occupies a crucial position in city government and legally reports to the entire city council. The attorney needs to be well-versed in municipal law and have the skills required to find common ground among opposing viewpoints. The attorney must also recognize the reality of working for a small town and maintain the utmost fiscal responsibility.

What Does City Council Do

Elected Officials

Regular Municipal Elections are held the first Tuesday in November of every odd numbered year. The Mayor is elected for a two-year term, while other elected officials serve four-year terms. Individuals to fill positions vacated before the end of the term or for which no candidates chose to run are appointed by the seated council to complete the remainder of the term.

The mayor works with the administrative office to make sure that the laws and ordinances of the city are being executed properly. The Mayor presides over meetings of the City Council and is considered a member of the council for purposes of determining a quorum. In the case of a tie vote by the council, the mayor is required to break the tie.

City Council

The City Council and the Mayor work together to create ordinances and laws for the City. There are three wards in the City of Salida and two council members represent each ward. City Council appoints and directs the work of the City Administrator and is responsible, by a majority vote of all members, for appointing the City Attorney, Municipal Prosecutor and the Municipal Judge.


"Please vote YES on Ballot Issue 2A!"

Please endorse and vote for PT Wood for Mayor

Dan Shore for Ward 1 and Justin Critelli for Ward 2

How to Meet Harald

On October 25th the HPAC has organized a housing forum to which all candidates are invited. 6:00 p.m in the Salida City Council Chamber.